There are plenty of scar gel treatments available in the market. Each of these products all claim to be the most effective product to get rid of scars and make them disappear from the skin.

2nd Skin ScarGel is one of the available products in the market. Manufactured by Spenco Medical Corporation, 2nd Skin ScarGel promises to help in flattening and fading scars on the skin.

It is good for both keloid or hypertrophic scars. The gel is sold in a 15g pump.


2nd Skin ScarGel is manufactured by Spenco Medical Corporation for treating keloid and hypertrophic scars.


  1. Make sure to apply 2nd Skin ScarGel on clean and dry scar.
  2. Apply a thin layer on the affected area.
  3. Use daily.

Possible Side Effects

If rashes or itching occurs, make sure to clean affected area with soapy water. Discontinue use and consult a doctor once symptoms persists.

2nd Skin ScarGel should not be used on individuals with dermatological disorders or conditions. The extent of scar reduction varies depending on severity of the scar. There may be some scars that may not respond to the treatment.


Each 15g pump bottle is priced at $9.99.


There is no mention of a guarantee on their website. You may need to contact manufacturer directly for any information.


2nd Skin ScarGel is not doctor endorsed and does not have a money back guarantee.

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