When it comes to skin imperfections, one should look no further as there is now the solution that will provide you the option to treat them flawlessly. While it is true that there are a lot of products out there that will provide you the solution for your embarrassing scar problem, it is much better to not go through all the random choosing and start with the BioCorneum Scar Treatment.

The BioCorneum is a silicone gel, well patented, that works by providing that invisible sheet made of silicone that has a quick drying feature. Upon doing so, it provides that protective layers over the said scar in order to lessen its appearance. It has already been highly trusted because it is already approved by the Food and Drugs Administration. Such an invisible sheet also provides that protective barrier that is at the same time waterproof, light and breathable.

BioCorneum Scar Treatment Ingredients

The following are considered to be the main ingredients for the BioCorneum Scar Treatment. Note that each of these ingredients has been proven to be geared towards ensuring the best condition and wellness for your scar condition:

  • 7.5% of octinoxate with sunscreen
  • 6.0% of oxybenzone with sunscreen
  • 5.0% of octisalate with sunscreen
  • 10% octocyrylene with sunscreen


The said product BioCorneum Scar Treatment must be applied on the affected scar area four times on a daily basis. Ideally though, the product must be taken twice on a daily basis and applying only a thin layer of it on the scar. If it does not dry right away, you have probably used too much of it. For best results, it must stay on the skin for 24 hours for maximum effect.

For new scars, the term of treatment must be within 60 days to 90 days but for old scars, such treatment must take for about 90 days.

Possible Side Effects

Since this scar treatment product has been verified and approved by the FDA, there are no harmful side effects that are noted for in this product.

How Much is the BioCorneum Scar Treatment?

The retail price of the BioCorneum Scar Treatment is priced at $55.50. So far, it has not provided any type of promotional discounts and offers intended for this product.

BioCorneum Scar Treatment Guarantee

Unfortunately, there are no known guarantees for this product as there is no return policies mentioned.

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