Burn B Gone is a hydrophilic gel formula that claims to treat burns, scars and wounds. It is formulated from DeWitt Laboratories, Inc.; a company that has spent the last 10 years working closely with surgeons and pharmacologists in developing products much like their bestseller, Burn B Gone Burn and Scar Hydrophilic Gel.

The product comes in a 2.5 fl. oz. Air Cell protective container that DeWitt Laboratories has specially developed. It is a liquid based gel that makes it easy to apply on burnt or traumatized skin topically.

Burn B Gone Gel Formula Formula

Because Burn B Gone is a water-based product and contains all natural ingredients, it is the preferred product by various plastic surgery centers, clinics, hospitals, and dermatologists. Apart from relieving traumatized skin, Burn B Gone also helps in treating sunburn, bruises, wrinkles, acne, keloids, tattoo healing, body piercing, post surgical scarring, nail fungus, suture relief, warts, splinters, cuts, abrasions, windburn, jelly fish stings, insect bites, kitchen burns, skin cancer reliever, and many more.


While the affected area is dry, apply Burn B Gone on traumatized skin. Let the gel dry on skin before applying make-up. Within the first few days of use, there will be a noticeable improvement on the color, texture and fullness of the scar.


With continued use, Burn B Gone can help make your skin look more youthful and radiant. Apply Burn B Gone gel topically on face and neck two times per day after washing the skin with mild soap. Allow skin to dry before applying make-up.


A 2.5 fl. oz. of Burn B Gone Burn and Scar Hydrophilic Gel costs $9.95.

Burn B Gone Gel Formula Guarantee

According to their website, Burn B Gone guarantees that people who use the product once will love it. If not, they will get their money back. You may get in touch with them further to discuss the guarantee.


While many claim that Burn B Gone Burn and Scar Hydrophilic Gel works, it has not been evaluated by the FDA. The absence of a FDA evaluation makes the latter a better choice.

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