Most of us suffer from skin irritations and skin conditions in one way or the other. And in fact, we cannot say that there is one skin treatment cream that fits all types of skin conditions. Thus, we need to find that one skin ointment or skin cream that will particularly fix and provide solution to your particular skin problem. We need to find that one product that will surely be compatible with your skin so that you would be rest assured that you no longer have to suffer the same condition in your skin over and over again.

With the help of the IPSA Labs Skin Treatment, you are given the option to use such a product for any of your problems related to the skin. Skin conditions and irritations such as scar marks, burn marks and even other problems have now been provided with a solution through this versatile cream for the skin. Surely, this will help you solve the problems related to your skin.

Ingredients In IPSA Labs Skin Treatment

The following are the main ingredients of this product. These are basically the main ingredients of the IPSA Labs Skin Treatment:

  • Haldi: It ensures that the skin glows and free from blemishes.
  • Orange Peel: This will help revitalize the skin so that it will be more velvety
  • Wheat germ oil: It is a great source of Vitamin E for skin renewal
  • Aloe vera: It has effective antibacterial properties
  • Neem: It is a great antiseptic agent
  • Tulsi: It is a great antibacterial agent
  • Safed Chandan: It is a considered a good skin cleanser


One only has to apply the cream on the affected area as often as possible or otherwise prescribed by the doctor.

Possible Side Effects

The ingredients of this product are all natural. Thus, there are no harmful side effects on the skin.

How Much Is The IPSA Labs Skin Treatment

This product only costs $8.12. In addition, if you buy through Amazon, you enjoy a free shipping promo for this particular type of product.


Unfortunately, there are no known guarantees for this product as there is no return policies mentioned.

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