Scar Heal Scar FX boasts of its affordable, doctor recommended treatment option to improve the appearance of scars across all skin types and color.

Without the need for surgery, the treatment claims to be able to get the job done especially when it is used along with Scar Esthetique Creme.

Sold in a kit, Scar Heal Scar FX is available as silicone sheets of 1.5in x 9in. The kit also includes a hypoallergenic tape as well as instructions on how to use the treatment.


Available as a silicon sheet, Scar Heal Scar FX contains silicone, a scar reducing agent that has been proven by doctors. To help promote the healing properties of silicone, Scar Heal Scar FX comes in a high quality soft and pliable silicone complex self-adhesive sheet. The result is that it is able to emit mild static electrical charges that rehydrates the scar.


A box of Scar Heal Scar FX comes with silicon sheets that can easily be peeled off and applied to the scar. Use daily over scar to get fast results. A piece of the silicone sheet is enough to last throughout the treatment.

Possible Side Effects

Scar Heal Scar FX has no reported side effects.

Long Term Results

Prolonged use of Scar Heal Scar FX may help eliminate scars. Using Scar Esthetique Crème is recommended to get the best results.


Each Scar Heal Scar FX Kit comes with one piece of Silicon Sheet measuring 1.5×9 inches. A box is sold at $34.95.


There are no guarantees available on the website of Scar Heal.

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