Whether you want to flatten an old scar or prevent a new scar from overgrowing, Scarguard can help you with that.

Created by a plastic surgeon, Scarguard came to fruition in order to help doctors and patients themselves deal with unwanted scars acquired from accidents. The product claims to be the most used treatment by dermatologists and surgeons.

Scarguard is applied using a special applicator and comes in liquid form. Once in dries, the formula becomes invisible. It is also easily covered with powder or makeup.

Ingredients Found In Scarguard

The formulation used in Scarguard uses a SG5™ technology. Below are the active and inactive ingredients found on the scar treatment:

Active Ingredients:

Inactive Ingredients


Scarguard should be applied on skin twice daily, until the scar shrinks. Before applying the product, the affected area must be thoroughly cleaned first with water and mild soap. Let the skin dry first before applying the solution. Brush the product and wait for it to completely dry before putting on clothes or applying makeup. Should the solution peel off, reapply again.

Children below 12 years of age should consult a doctor first prior to using the product.

How Much Is Scarguard?

A half oz bottle of Scarguard costs $34.99 while its 1 oz counterpart costs $64.99 of ordered on the official website, although other online retailers might offer the product for a cheaper price.


There is no information regarding a money-back guarantee offer on the product’s official website. However, they currently offer a special discount for one of their products if you buy Scarguard. Up until October 18, a bottle of Bruiseguard will only cost $19.99 if you buy Scarguard.


The first thing you’ll notice upon visiting the product’s official website is its clean and easy to read format. This is makes a good impression to customers. However, Scarguard might come off as really expensive, especially for a small bottle.

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