There are plenty of scar gel products available in the market.

Leader Scar Gel is one that promises to help take care of scars caused by injury, burns, surgery, acne, or stretch marks.

Manufactured under the Leader brand, you can get a 1.76oz tube of the product through over-the-counter or online purchase.

Leader Scar Gel Formula

Leader Scar Gel consists of Cepalin botanical extract, an ingredient that has been specifically formulated to help minimize, soften, and smoothen the appearance of both old and new scars. The ingredient has also been clinically proven to be effective.


Apply the scar gel on wounds that have closed. Clean the area and apply once a day for 8 weeks (new scars) and 3-6 months (existing scars).


Each 1.76oz tube is sold for $7.07.

Leader Scar Gel Guarantee

There is no clear information on whether or not a guarantee is offered. You may get in touch with manufacturer for more information.


The absence of information on a money-back guarantee and while Leader Scar Gel is much cheaper, it is not endorsed by a doctor.

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