DermaRestore is an advanced breakthrough skin care product that is designed to eliminate the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

DermaRestore contains a highly concentrated blend of essential oils, vitamins, nutrients and clinically tested herbal extracts.

Regular and consistent application of DermaRestore will gradually and gently nourish the skin and reduce inflammation, which in turn can dramatically reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars and other imperfections.

DermaRestore Ingredients

Limited information is provided about product ingredients in the product source other than the product contains a highly concentrated blend of oils, vitamins, nutrients and clinically tested herbal extracts,


Gently Massage a small amount (nickel sized) of DermaRestore over the desired area using a circular motion. Continue to massage until the cream has been absorbed. Leave skin unclothed for at least 2-3 minutes to allow for maximum absorption. Use twice daily, morning and night. Repeat process if desired, but do not exceed three applications daily.


$59.99 for a single container (the content amount provided in a single container has not been specified in the product source). This product is only available on line through Amazon and other on line sources.

DermaRestore Guarantee

There is nothing in the product source about product guarantees or returns. The product source also does not contain a contact phone number but instead provides a tool to send messages via email to the vendor.


Given the limited amount  of information about product ingredients and vendor return policies in relation to product cost anyone thinking of buying this product may want to have the product reviewed by a pharmacist or other health care professional before purchase.

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