Is an all in one medicated cream,

Quickly clears up pimples, acne and redness,

Prevents future breakouts,

Helps reduce the appearance of active scars,

Offers guaranteed results.


The product source contains no information about product ingredients.


The product comes in 1 once tubes. No information is provided in the product source about product dosage or application.


$6.59 for a 1 once tube. The product can be purchased from the website or through a dealer network.


The product vendor does have a return policy and provides a customer service number in the product source. The product source also contains a number of product testimonials.


The information in the product source is limited for this product. While the product is inexpensive at least for a small quantity a potential user may want to have a health care professional review this product before purchase particularly since the product source provides no information on product ingredients or application.

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