If you are having problems with relation to scars, this could probably be your most lucky day. There are a lot of people right now who are suffering with poor low self esteem and a low self confidence as they are very much conscious on that particular part of their body which cannot just be simply concealed with makeup. And, these are scars.

Scars are the single most embarrassing thing that any person has to deal with. With this being said, the Complete ScarCare Treatment Kit by Dr. Blaines has been created in order to provide a solution to scar problems. This is an over the counter scar reduction treatment has already been used by a lot of people who are having problems about scars on their skin. At time passes, the formation of keloid has become more prominent and this product will help flatten out these scars and are best suited for people regardless of their skin, age, and color.


The following are the main ingredients of this product. These are basically the main ingredients of the Complete ScarCare Treatment Kit:

  • Silicone Gel Matrix. This is in the dimension of 2”x 5.5”. This is considered as a pad with self absorbent features. In this way, you don’t have to do all the necessary wrapping and taping while you are on the process of treating the scar. Moreover, the other side of this pad is non sticky so it prevents other fabrics from adhering in this tape.
  • E-Sil Solution. This is a patented substance with Mineral oil and Tocopheryl acetate for healthy skin.


After washing the affected area with water, cut out the gel pad and put it on the scarred area. It should be worn for about 8 to 12 hours for effective result.

Possible Side Effects

The ingredients of this product are all natural. Thus, there are no harmful side effects on the skin.

How Much Is The Dr. Blaines – Complete ScarCare Treatment

This product only costs $18.12. In addition, if you buy through Amazon, you enjoy free shipping especially on orders above $35.00.


Unfortunately, there are no known guarantees for this product as there is no return policies mentioned.

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