Scar Formula is a keloid and scar removal product formulated by Dr. Michael Tirgan.

Differentiating itself from other products available in the market, Scar Formula sets itself apart by having Ginseng as one of its main components.

Scar Formula is available in 1oz or 2oz tubes. 15% of its sales proceeds are donated to the Keloid Research Foundation in order to find better ways to treat Keloid Disorder.


  • Ginseng – Based on research, Dr. Michael Tirgan discovered that ginseng contained anti-keloid and anti-scar properties. Through further study, he found that ginseng was capable of promoting and improving wound healing.


Scar Formula can be applied twice a day for at least four weeks. It is recommended to be used on simple bruises, minor cuts, scratches, and minor wounds. For keloids and chronic scars, Scar Formula may be applied twice a day for at least eight weeks.

Possible Side Effects

Scar Formula should not be used by women who are pregnant, breast feeding, or those who are trying to be pregnant.

Long Term Results

Continued use of Scar Formula may maximize its results.


Scar Formula is available in 1oz and 2oz tubes. The prices for each are $29.95 and $54.95 consecutively. Prices for each tube does not include shipping charges and taxes. 15% of sales of Scar Formula treatment goes into the Keloid Research Foundation.


There is no guarantee information available on the Scar Formula website. You may need to get in touch with them directly for further information.

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