This product claims to heal scars through the use of moisturizers, antioxidants and other active ingredients found in the product. This also claims to remove any scars caused by several factors such as acne, accidents and other incidents.

It claims to give a versatile effect not only focusing on removing the scars but also of replacing it with healthier skin so there is no trace that a scar was there before.

When it comes to the packaging, it is pretty attractive. It comes with a combination of quite feminine colors.

Ingredients In Dermefface FX7 Scar Removal Cream

7 proven active ingredients

10 potent antioxidants

5 super moisturizers

The company did not clearly stated and specified what the exact ingredients are, numbers are only given.


Apply the cream over the scar twice a day. Repeat it over and over again every day and never miss any day without using it to make a complete 28-day cycle to start seeing results.

Possible Side Effects

Irritation can occur especially when user has allergy history. If you do, consult your doctor first for advice.

Can It Guarantee Long-Term Results?

There is guaranteed long term result if one will follow the correct instructions and will never ever think of missing a single day in applying it.


This is being made available at $59.95 for a 15mL product which is a bit expensive for a cream of that volume. If you will purchase from the site itself, there are no special offers. However, distributors have some deals on this. You better check them out.


Though they are giving a money back guarantee, there are certain limitations that you should observe. They will only return the cost of the product but will not give refund for shipping charges. So there are still losses in your part.

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