Bangkok Botanica Cybele Scagel is a scar gel dedicated to treat scars of all kinds. Whether you have obtained scars from surgery or acne and pimples, Cybele Scagel will eventually heal it.

The special formula found in the product will help smoothen and clean out skin irregularities. The product is also claimed to lighten dark scars.

Cybele Scagel has an available counterpart specially formulated for kids.

Bangkok Botanica Cybele Scagel  Ingredients

The ingredients in Cybele Scagel work together in order to soften hard fiber tissues and flatten them out.

  • Anti-inflammatory Allium Cepa (onion bulb extract) – 12%
  • Centella Asiatica – 10%
  • Nanohydroxyprolisilane CN
  • Paper Mulberry Extract
  • Tamarind and mixed fruit extracts
  • Aloe vera Extract
  • Vitamin E


Prior to application, the affected area must be cleaned thoroughly first. Apply the gel twice a day and massage until the skin absorbs it. Bangkok Botanica Cybele Scagel must be continuously applied in order to achieve best results. When the gel has dried, makeup or powder can be used.


The product can be bought for a price of $14.89. It can be bought for a discounted price depending on the online store chosen. Free shipping may also be offered.

Bangkok Botanica Cybele Scagel Guarantee

Unfortunately, we cannot find proper information on money-back guarantees or any other special offers for the product. This is probably because Bangkok Botanica Cybele Scagel is already very affordable compared to other scar treatment products widely available online and in drugstores.


Bangkok Botanica Cybele Scagel makes a very promising scar treatment product, considering it boasts of its mostly natural ingredients. It also offers and option for kids, which means the manufacturers value the safety of their products. Because of this, Cybele Scagel makes a great addition for home emergency kits. Apart from surgical scars, the product also works for acne scars, which is one of the most common skin problems nowadays.

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