The TriDerma Scar Cream is claimed to be an effective product that can get rid of scarring marks that are old and improves the whole scar look of very new treated wounds.

It has a very pleasant fragrance and also is made up of very high quality components that are said to be good for the marks that are creeping up the skin. It is a gel so it is conveniently used by many who are trying out the product.

What Does The Product Claim To Do?

  • TriDerma Scar Cream claims to be very safe even for sensitive skin.
  • It is designed with the right amount of fragrance so as to give pleasurable smell to the customers.
  • It gets rid of the scars completely.
  • The product lightens the area of the skin that has the scar marks which makes it unapparent.
  • Its gel like features makes is absorb deep within the skin and not just patch on it.
  • The said product can also enhance the treatment of the wound or the process of the wound curing up to the scar healing.

TriDerma Scar Cream Ingredients

  • This ingredient acts as foam to the skin. It also is responsible for skin protection and also conditioner.
  • This component is responsible for the smoothness and or softness that it brings to the surface of the skin. It lubricates the skin which is also an act for moisturizing.
  • The component gets rid of the dry feels. It makes the skin glow and looks properly nourished.
  • Aloe barbadensis leaf extract. This ingredient is responsible for the soothing feeling upon you apply the product. It can also treat and prevent inflammation.


There is no specific dosage or amount of the gel that you must apply to the skin. The affected area must be covered completely to have optimum results.

Possible Side Effects

There are no claims for any side effects; however, individual components might react to the user’s body most especially in a given sensitivity that the consumer has.

Will This Product Produce Long Term Results?

Yes. It can completely get rid of the scars as long as it is constantly and properly used until the marks are not visible.


It costs 19usd which is a little cheap compared to other products. This is to maximize the customer range.

TriDerma Scar Cream Guarantee

A 30 day money back guarantee is given for full customer care.

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