White Lotus Anti Aging Organic Scar Serum can be used for assisting micro-needling to reduce the visible appearance of scars.

The product contains green tea oil. The connection between green tea and the skin has long been know in Asia where it forms part of many beauty routines.

White Lotus Anti Aging Organic Scar Serum Ingredients

Ingredients include  (amounts used of individual ingredients not listed in the product source):

  • Green tea oil (Camellia oil),
  • San Qi,
  • Mo Yao – from the irculation promoting herb Carthimus tinctorius,
  • Hong Hua,
  • Olibannum gummi – used with Mo Yao, also known as Frankincense.


2.5 milliliters per product container


$39.95 for a 2.5 milliliter container

White Lotus Anti Aging Organic Scar Serum Guarantee

The product source contains no information about product guarantees or returns. It also contains no product reviews and only includes a contact number for product shipping. Customers have to use email to contact customer service.


In view of the limited amount of information contained in the product source about product guarantees and about customer reviews anyone thinking of purchasing this product should have a health care professional review the product first prior to purchasing.

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