Rave & Rouge Scar Remover Cream claims to give  its users the treatment that they have been wanting to have especially when it comes to removing the blemish that have been causing them which make them conscious about their physical appearance such as the scars. This product claims to render its users an effective answer to one of their most complicated problems.

With this product, the scar that one has whatever the cause may be can easily be faded away. When it comes to the packaging, there is nothing very exciting about it. It is so simple that one can tell that it wasn’t very well thought of.

Rave & Rouge Scar Remover Cream Ingredients

The manufacturer did not specified the ingredients used.


The recommended application of the cream is once or twice a day. You can have it once in the morning and evening. Apply it gently on the area that has the scar. Keep applying it for 2-4 weeks in order to start seeing results.

Side Effects

There can be little side effects such as skin itching and irritation especially when one fails to follow the directions on how to use it and also when users did not perfectly see if it is compatible with the type of skin they have like having existing allergy.

Can It Have Long-Term Result?

Yes, the results are long-lasting. Once it has effected, it will never ever be back to its original state again. It will stay at it is and there is no way for the scar to be so prominent once more.


It is sold at Php190.00 yet it is still exclusive of tax. However, with price like this, it is already very cheap and affordable. Even if you will purchase it without deals, you can still save big.

Rave & Rouge Scar Remover Cream Guarantee

You can either get a refund or replacement depending upon which applies to you.

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