We all want to get rid of our nasty scars. With Quantum Health Scar Reducing Herbal Cream, you can easily make a way to regain your flawless looking skin.

This scar reducing herbal cream can also act on newly healed wounds and stretch marks, which can help you bring back the integrity of your skin.

Quantum Health Scar Reducing Herbal Cream Ingredients

This scar reducing formula contains the following ingredients:

  • Odorless onion extract
  • Lysine
  • Mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E), retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A), and cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)
  • 14 natural healing ingredients including allantoin, olive oil, beeswax, aloe vera gel, and plant extracts from cajeput, goldenseal, tea tree, tamanu, sweet almond, and chamomile.

With the combination of natural and organic plant extracts, Quantum Health Scar Reducing Herbal Cream guarantees you a scar reducing effect in no time. The botanical blend eases other skin problems like calluses, any type of skin hardening, and even stretch marks. To achieve best results, it is recommended that you apply the cream three to five times daily to smoothen the scar. The product has received a lot of positive reviews and it is enough to guarantee you the long-term effects that you need for your scar and other related skin problems.

Price, Discounts and Guarantee

Quantum Health Scar Reducing Herbal Cream comes in a lightweight package with a suggested retail price of $11.99. But if you wish to avail of a discounted price, you can shop with iHerb.com and avail the product for only $9.20.

The product comes at an affordable price because it guarantees all-natural ingredients that are relatively cheap yet effective. They do not offer money back guarantee because the product may exhibit allergic reactions to users. In order to avoid allergic reactions, it is always better to read the labels first. Look for the ingredients that might give you allergies.


Quantum Health Scar Reducing Herbal Cream is a good product but it has no total scar removal program that can provide excellent reduction and healing results.

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