This product claims to give care to the skin both from the inside and the outside. For the outside, it claims that it can heal scars in order to remove the blemish that it can cause as well as making the skin look flawless again.

For the inside, it works on the skin tissues to revitalize the skin and restore it to give a healthy look. Looking at the packaging, it has a good one which emphasizes the benefit that one can get from it through enlarging the font so it will become the most prominent writing that can surely catch the attention of buyers.

Life Extension Skin Restoring Phytoceramides Ingredients

  • Lipowheat®
  • oil extract – 350 mg
  • rice bran oil (non-GMO)
  • vegetable cellulose (capsule)
  • silica
  • rosemary extract


It is advised that you have to intake one tablet a day.

Possible Side Effects

There will be no recorded side effects if you follow the instruction carefully. If you do not, you might be overdosed.

Can It Give Long Term Effects?

Long term effects can be expected if there is continuous administration of the tablet.

Price At Which It Is Offered

It can be purchased at a price of $39.95 which is not bad because it has 30 tablets on it. So, more or less one tablet is only at $1.30 which is already very affordable. They are offering free shipping fee for a specific amount of orders for nationwide and international shipment.

Life Extension Skin Restoring Phytoceramides Guarantee

As always, a money back guarantee is offered to customers so that they will not hesitate to purchase because they are covered by this guarantee. It gives consumer the confidence that even if it will not work, they will not loss anything because they will be refunded.

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