Kelo-cote is a patented, transparent, self-drying 100% silicone gel which improves the appearance of scars and prevents abnormal and excessive scar formation.

Kelo-cote has been clinically proven to help reduce the redness, hardness, elevation, itch and pain associated with scars. It has also demonstrated an ability to prevent scars from forming as well.

This patented silicone gel is safe and effective for scars resulting from surgery, trauma, wounds, or burns according to the product source.

Kelo-cote Keloid Treatment Ingredients

The key product ingredient is Siliclear Complex. Siliclear Complex is a blend of bio-inert and bio-compatible silicone compounds, namely polysiloxane, silicone dioxide and non-volatile silicone components. No specific amounts of these ingredients is contained in the product source.


• Ensure that the affected area is clean and dry,
• Apply Kelo-cote to the area as a very thin layer and allow to dry applying  twice daily,
• For maximum effect, allow Kelo-cote Gel to have 24 hour contact with the skin,
• If Kelo-cote should dry in 4-5 minutes.


$21.99 for a 6 gram gel container. Larger sizes are available for an additional cost but with a discount based on product size.

Kelo-cote Keloid Treatment Guarantee

The product source contains a number of testimonials and the product return policy is clearly spelled out in the product source, providing for a full money back guarantee if the product is purchased from the vendor’s website. It is also available from individual dealers.


Product testimonials suggest that for minor scar treatment this product can help. For more serious conditions, a prospective buyer may want to consult a medical practitioner before purchasing this product.

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