#4 Revitol www.revitol.com

Overall Rating: 75.4% (product & cost comparison)

Product Claims:

Revitol is a good all-natural product with healthy ingredients to help rejuvenate skin. This product falls short of our number one product because it only has a small amount of ingredients that can encourage the production of collagen, moisturize the skin and assist with scar healing.Revitol Review

This product is formulated with 100% safe, all-natural ingredients to help reduce the appearance of scars from injuries, acne, burns and surgery without the use of chemical ingredients. Our top product can reduce the appearance of any type of scar without the use of chemicals and includes even more nourishing ingredients to feed and protect the skin. The manufacturer of Revitol claims that it can help fade scars, but the stated results did not prove it to be as effective as our number one product.

The manufacturer also claims the consumer should see results within 2 to 6 months with application two times daily. The consumer reviews of our top product stated that the product worked within just weeks of starting use.


Revitol sells for $49.95 for one bottle and $119.95 for six bottles. This product is far more costly than our top product, and if it takes longer than six months to fade scars, then treatment will end up costing a great deal more than our number one product.

Our Conclusion:

Revitol can be helpful for skin rejuvenation if used for long periods of time. This product came in at number four due to the fact that it did not have as many helpful ingredients to benefit all types of scars. This was also a higher cost product far exceeding our top product in price over time.