Removing Scars

When an injury is severe and the wound is not properly cared for, scars can develop into a severe form of scarring known as keloid scars. These need an aggressive, quick form of scar removal before they become larger.

Severe or keloid scars can be caused by piercings, surgical incisions, injuries, and burns. They can really cause self-esteem issues because of their large size and color. They can also be painful or itchy. People with severe scars seek out treatment or some type of scar removal. There are some home therapies as well as some medical treatments available to help treat these scars and reduce their impact on your appearance. The home remedies are safe, but always check with your physician or surgeon before using any treatments.

Silicone-Based Gels

Scar RemovalSilicone-based gels can be very effective in scar removal. The popular product Scarinex can help fade the appearance of unsightly scars and allow the skin to heal and regenerate. Silicone gels form a moisture barrier that can reduce redness and smooth the scar tissue. This type of product is very safe, and silicone has been used for many years in the medical community.

Surgical Scar Removal

Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons can use surgical scar removal for stubborn scars. They always recommend trying home treatment first, since surgery is invasive and costly. They use an electric scalpel or laser to cut off excess scar tissue and allow new tissue to grow. This procedure can cause pain and possible infection, and some severe scars can regrow.

Usually, the surgeon attempts to cut out the scar and suture the skin back together in a smaller line than the previous scar. Scar removal surgery may not be covered by insurance since it is cosmetic, and there is recovery time associated with it.

Scar Sheeting

This type of scar removal involves placing a silicone-based pressure bandage over the scar tissue. This is generally a moisture barrier that holds in moisture while the skin heals on its own. There are no extra ingredients to help nourish the skin and encourage exfoliation and regeneration.

These sheets can be very costly at $30 per sheet. A fresh sheet needs to be applied many times during the week. Larger scars can be very costly to treat. While this treatment can help to reduce the pain and itching of severe scars, there have been complaints of side effects, including rashes and itching.