Recovering from Keloids

Recovering From KeloidsKeloids are sometimes inevitable even with diligent care. Whenever a keloid scar forms, start treatment as soon as possible in order to smooth the skin and make the scar lighter. Many treatments are very effective and low in cost. Some are not as effective and more costly. You can talk to your physician or dermatologist about scar treatments for keloids and see what fits your needs.

If conventional treatments are not effective over time, you may need to have medical treatment. There are steroid injections with fluorouracil that can help make keloids flatter and less obvious. Steroid injections are costly and require a number of treatments to be effective. Another treatment is laser removal that can help remove excess blood vessels that cause discoloration to scars.

This is safe and effective, but very expensive. Insurance usually does not cover laser therapy due to its cosmetic nature.

Surgical Removal of Keloids

As a last resort, doctors can perform surgery on keloids to make them smaller. This comes with a risk of infection and the possibility of another keloid scar forming in the place of the original one. The surgeon cuts out the keloid and sutures the skin back together making it smaller. Treatment can be followed by radiation to further reduce the appearance of a keloid.

Recovering From KeloidsRecovering from keloid treatments such as laser therapy, surgery or steroid injections requires time and further treatment. After a major medical treatment, talk to your doctor about aftercare and follow instructions for recovery time carefully. If your doctor gives the OK, use a good moisturizer after any open wounds have closed and keep the wound clean and dry during healing.

Make sure you use a silicone-based product containing nutrients that feed and nourish the skin. This encourages healthy new skin cells to grow and dead tissue to fall away. There is no guarantee that a new keloid will not form if you are prone to them, but the best defense is taking action as soon as possible.